Network elders

Christ Church Network is led by five Network Elders:

Peter Birnie Christ Church Riverside Pastor

God provides for all of His people's needs in Jesus and will build His Church despite the brokenness of this world. These are two of the main lessons I have been learning so far in this privileged job where I get to spend all my time holding out God's Word to those around. I am a Northern Irishman married to a Scottish wife, Joey, with four proper Yorkshire children. I have lived in Hull since 2004. I love this city and want many from this brilliant place to find Salvation in Christ.

Martin Buzza Elder

I became a Christian in my teens through the witness of a friend. I am married to Renuha and we have two children. I love to teach and research physics (and get paid for it!), listening to music and drinking tea.

Scott McKay Lead Pastor and Pastor of Christ Church Newland

I was born and raised in a mining village in Barnsley. At the age of 21 I started working full-time in a paid capacity for a Church on the Wirral. I haven't been released from full-time service of Christ's Church since then apart from a three-year break at Oakhill Theological College in London. Since 2008 it has been my privilege and joy to serve Christ and His people in the city of Hull. I'm married to Laura and we have three children, Benjamin, Ruth and Samuel.

Gary Shaw Elder

I came to Hull in 2002 to study at the University and have since trained to be a primary school teacher. I am married to Kath and we have two daughters. I enjoy football, running and cooking.

Adam Wong Elder

I am married to Elaine with three grown up children and two lovely grandchildren. I have been in Hull since 1991. I enjoy music, cooking and travelling.